Some of My Projects

I list some of my projects and interesting places here.

P.A.C.E. Home

Parents for Academic Challenge and Enrichment (P.A.C.E.) is a Volunteer Parent Group (also educators, family, and friends!) dedicated to helping gifted and talented children in the Columbus Public School District maximize opportunities to learn and grow. Thus the saying “Helping our children shine.” P.A.C.E. people support the whole family in this, and share our concern through action and advocacy. This also extends to a concern for all children’s education, as we are all in it together!

P.A.C.E. also has P.A.C.E. Virtual Summer Opportunities Fair, as well as some older L.A.M.P. projects, such as forms set up mainly to allow vendors to enter data for the 2009 (“bricks and mortar” and other Summer Opportunities Fairs. Once vendors entered data, we could use the database to handle registration and create resource booklets. This replaced an arduous process where previously someone had to manually enter all information and create the booklets.

Forest Park Civic Association

This is the home on the Web for residents of the Forest Park community in northeast Columbus (Franklin County), Ohio. Here I’ve used a different look, with custom menus, Calendar, a slightly different implementation of PayPal, etc.

I have set up several of the these websites using WordPress open source software. WordPress allows people active in the organization to contribute via a web-based interface that is as easy as doing webmail — while at the same time as allowing the admin many layers of fine-grained customizability and control!

Be sure to check out the Open Source Apostle Weblog. There I not only post a variety of articles, but show other things one can do with WordPress!

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