GPG/PGP Help and Information

Scott’s Public Key

Info on Encryption – use GnuPGP or PGP

Using GnuPG (Windows or Linux):

I use GPG, from GnuPG, the complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard. It’s convenient, has better cross platform compatibility and is open source! – but you could use PGP

For Linux, there are a greater variety of options. GPG is conveniently available in most distros.

For Windows users, the simplest solution is probably to look at is using Thunderbird with Enigmail.

Plugins for many other mail programs are available off the GnuPG pages, under “Frontends“.

N.B. – Windows Privacy Tools (WinPT) package is also a possibility, as it seems revived. (history)

For more information and links, check: